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Hey guys,

My name is John and I am the guy in our video on “how it works”.

First of all, I just want to say thank you to all our customers who appreciate this innovative new shower.   I can say with complete honesty that I have never sold a product in over 30 years that gives me so much satisfaction and delivers the results that it says it will! (Rare these days!)

Some people might say we have always been showering this way because we had nothing to compare it with so far. But if there was a better and healthier way, would it make sense not to inquire?

I myself have worked for one of Australia’s most prominent hair clinics as a senior Clinic Manager.  Skin and hair are closely related in biological structure and I think I know what I’m talking about after many years of experiences in three major clinics.

Just like most people, I never thought about filtering my shower water until my partner had changed our shower head.  It was a gift from her sister sent from overseas.   I noticed that after week or so the persistent flaky skin and redness between my eyebrows had cleared up and my skin and hair was noticeably softer.  My hairdresser asked me if I was using a different shampoo. The other noticeable fact was that my partner wasn’t picking up anywhere near as much hair from the shower cubicle as she was before.  And both of us didn’t have to use body wash anymore.
Then I started to make the connection in my head – what is this product all about?  This is fantastic.

As I studied the overall benefits of a vitamin C filtered shower head it became apparent that filtering your shower water is not just for someone who is health fanatic.  In actual fact, it was then I realized that every home and person would benefit from having one.

It is important to remember that your skin is your largest and most permeable organ (think about a nicotine patch or some medicated pain patch), Just about anything you put on your skin will end up in your blood stream and distributed throughout your body and tend to accumulate over time.   All our shower water is treated with chlorine and chloramines, these chemical residuals are present when you shower.  Even a more concerning thing is that these chemicals become toxic gases by heat when they become steam in your shower.   Clearly such chemical exposures are not insignificant, especially when they occur virtually daily for a life time.

Our Vitamin C filtered shower head system is simple, effective and the most economical shower filters system in Australia – Fully licensed, Government accredited
No maintenance. No fuss. No chemicals.  No worries.  Guaranteed!

Browse through our web site so you can find out why you may want to do something positive for you and your family today! (I wish my partner had found this product earlier!)

Talk to you soon and happy shower!

PS. Our clients have pointed out that this switch is no brainer, after they did it, lol