Thank you to SONAKI Vitamin shower, my dry itching skin disappeared within two days and my skin has become softer and more refined………I highly recommend this tool in the fight to detoxify our bodies in a world where chemicals are bombarding us day and night.  The negative ions it creates is an added bonus

–  Janet R.


It’s been really fantastic since I installed our new shower.  I have been screaming every night after my usual shower from itchiness.  But since changing over to the SONAKI I am seriously not scratching my body anymore.  Even my skeptical husband is enjoying his own new skin.  Thank U so very much.

– Suzu


When I first found about this product I was surprised because I had never seen anything like it. My hair is fairly damaged from frequent dying but since using Sonaki I’ve found it to be much shinier and softer!

As a university student living away from home, I’ve never done anything like this before but it took me less then ten minutes to install the full set and I didn’t even need any tools!


– Haley K


‘I feel so much better, safe and reassured that I’m bathing my baby and children in pure chemical free water.

I keep telling other mums!’

– Melissa S


‘Since switching over to Sonaki shower filter, I’ve experienced much less hair fallout and I’ve noticed on my water bill that I’m using 50 litres less water a day and it’s saving me money on my water bill and energy bill!’

– Caroline J


‘The Sonaki Vitamin C Shower filter product has been a great success. People have come into my shop and have commented on my shiny and soft hair. It is amazing. They ask me what I’ve done. My husband also loves this product and I think it is a winner. Thank you for selling me this product!’

– Amanda N


‘Since using the Sonaki Vitamin C Shower filter the eczema on my back has cleared up by about 80%. It used to be something which I was insecure about and worried about, yet had no control over. But now with this simple system my skin has improved drastically!’

– Rod L


‘Best value for money. Unbelievable!’ – Chris C


When using this product I feel like I’ve just put moisturiser on my skin as soon as I step out of the shower. My skin feels so much smoother and I can really see and feel the difference!

– Richard B

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