As the water passes through our filters the ascorbic acid (Vitamin c) reacts rapidly, neutralising chlorine and other harmful chemical elements into a harmless compound before the water comes out of your shower.

SONAKI Vitamin C filters are the safest and most superior technology to ever enter the shower filter market.  The use of Vitamin C is a superior method over traditional activated carbon filters (which are ineffective and have a very short filter lifetime), KDF (which doesn’t remove chloramines and is ineffective with low water pressures), or sulfur-based chemicals such as calcium (or sodium) or sulfate, which is much harsher on the environment.

SONAKI VITAMIN C filters also have a UNIQUE design, which controls the amount of Vitamin C that is released.  It releases Vitamin C to the exact quantity of water, making it the most efficient and economical shower filter in the world.

Vitamin C is also non-toxic to humans and is known to boost the immune system and improve the quality of your skin and hair. The anti-oxidant rich vitamin C is showing up in all kinds of expensive skincare products and now you can have it in your shower.

How it works

Installation & Changing The Filter

The ORIGINAL Sonaki. Made for Australian conditions, Australian government approved. Risk free and covered by a three year warranty. We have gone through all the legal procedures to obtain the Watermark licence and WELS rating specifically for Australian conditions. Unless you purchase a Sonaki Australia™ product directly from this website, you are not covered by our money back guarantee or warranty or loyalty reward program. In order to make a difference in your decision we also promote EXCLUSIVELY in Australia, the Luxury Lotus Eco-friendly shower head that is most popular worldwide. (ONLY AVAILABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE). Please note that SONAKI LOTUS, RAIN and WAFFLE are registered products in Australia through SAI GLOBAL and WATER EFFICIENCY LABELLING SCHEME (WELS) by SONAKI VITAMIN SHOWER AUSTRALIA™. You can be assured that all our products have the water mark certificate and labelling according the requirements of the WELS Standard AS/NZS 6400:2005 as per accordance with Australian Law. ABN: 74 250 191 175

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