Vitamin C Showerheads & Showerhead Filters l How It Works

As your shower water passes through Sonaki Vitamin C shower filters the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) reacts rapidly, neutralising chlorine and other harmful chemical elements into a harmless compound before the water comes out of your shower.

SONAKI Vitamin C filters are the safest and most superior technology to ever enter the shower filter market.

The use of Vitamin C is a superior method over traditional activated carbon filters (which are ineffective and have a very short filter lifetime), KDF filters (which don’t remove chloramines and are ineffective with low water pressure), or harsh sulfur-based chemicals such as calcium or sulfate.

Sonaki Vitamin C filters also have a unique design, which controls the amount of Vitamin C that is released. It releases Vitamin C to the exact quantity of water, making it the most efficient and economical shower filter in the world.

Vitamin C is also non-toxic to humans and is known to boost the immune system and improve the quality of your skin and hair.

The anti-oxidant rich vitamin C is showing up in all kinds of expensive skincare products and now you can have it in your shower for a five star beauty experience in the comfort of your home!

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How it works

Installation & Changing The Filter

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