About our Shower Filters

Sonaki Vitamin Shower Australia ® – SONAKI is a word used to describe a beautiful yet powerful burst of rain that takes place on a hot summer day. It symbolises the grace of nature to deliver a shower that has a revitalising effect designed to revive the Earth. Nature is a beautiful thing and this concept which we borrowed from nature is what all SONAKI shower filters and related products have been modelled on and our missions is to- like the rain- deliver a shower that rejuvenates and brings joy to all those who experience it. 

We are an Australian mum and dad company who began this journey in 2015. This all began when we were sent a Sonaki Vitamin C Shower from Korea, and we were amazed at the incredible results it had on our skin and hair. We realised that this product had the potential to benefit so many Australians and that we wanted to bring this company to Australia.

We were the first company to establish Sonaki in Australia, while Sonaki Vitamin Showers were already being enjoyed in many countries worldwide.

Our vision is to supply the very best dechlorination shower head and Vitamin C filters in Australia, and to deliver the absolute best customer service possible.

With 20 years experience and patented technology, SONAKI was the FIRST to utilise VITAMIN C in shower filters. We believe that having an ordinary shower should be a thing of past.

Vitamin C showers are a relatively new concept in Australia. However, more and more people worldwide, including Australians are beginning to appreciate this innovative idea, reflecting the trend of increasing health awareness as well as a greater knowledge of the benefits of vitamin C filtered showers for your overall health.

We understand that Australia is it’s own place and has a unique climate, soil, water culture and different needs and all our products have been tailored to meet these needs.

We can say with absolute confidence that our showerheads and shower filters will be of great benefit to you and your family’s health, appearance and overall wellbeing and that makes us very proud. We are pleased to invite you to discover all the benefits of our Vitamin C Showers!

Welcome to SONAKI Australia ® !

The ORIGINAL Sonaki. Made for Australian conditions. Covered by a three year warranty. Unless you purchase a Sonaki Australia™ product directly from this website, you are not covered by our money back guarantee or warranty. ABN: 74 250 191 175

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