The Best Sonaki VitaminC Chlorine Shower water Filters & Heads Australia

An organic and invigorating shower with the most economical and high pressure vitamin C shower head filter available in Australia

Also features negative ions that generate antioxidants for a real five star spa experience that you will love!


All Australian water is treated with chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines to kill germs and bacteria. Unfortunately these chemical residuals in your shower water also have a negative effect on your health. You may already filter your tap water or buy bottled water to avoid such chemicals.

However, every time you take a shower these harmful chemicals are absorbed into your skin & hair, and you inhale vaporised toxic gases which in turn, fatigue and age you while affecting your overall health. These chemicals cause both minor and major skin irritations and even some cancers. Such chemical exposures are not insignificant, especially when they occur virtually every time we step into the shower. All health experts agree. The skin is the largest organ of the body so the most important filter to protect your skin, hair and health is a shower filter, otherwise you are the filter.

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Vitamin C is proven to be both superior to common activated carbon and KDF filters. SONAKI Vitamin C shower filters contain 100% pure Vitamin C with no added artificial colours or scents. If a fish can’t live in our filtered water we won’t sell it. 

Don’t miss our skin and hair page for more on why SONAKI showers promote beautiful skin, hair and your overall health!

*No plumber required, simple installation*

Comes with Australian Accreditation and WaterMark certification. Avoid disappointment!

1. Removes 99.9 % chlorine
2. Removes 99.9 % chloramines– something which ordinary filters don’t do
3. Vitamin C is proven to be the most superior filter media- 100% organic
4. Softens water by reducing other hard minerals & heavy metals
5. Saves Money on water and energy (Up to $900/year and up to 50,000 Litres of water – This is huge)
6. Generates Negative ions – Nature’s powerful Anti-Oxidant
7. SONAKI Lotus shower head –fully licensed and approved Water efficiency by Australian Government
8. SONAKI Vitamin C filters in combination with the LOTUS shower head makes it the most efficient and economical Vitamin C shower in the world.
9. Replacement filters work out to be $0.40 per person per week if you take a 10 minute shower everyday
10. Purifies the air
11. Effortless health and beauty
12. Softer and better hydrated skin
13. Prevents premature fine lines and wrinkles
14. A great relief for dry, itchy, eczema, and other allergic skin conditions
15. Enhances and saves money on skin and hair care products
16. Greatly beneficial to your babies’ & children’s skin/hair and overall health – Showering in chlorine treated water is believed to be one of reasons of drastically increased asthma cases in the developed world
17. More manageable, softer and shinier hair
18. Colour lasts longer if you colour your hair – Chlorine fades it
19. Protects your hair and scalp
20. Aids as a hair loss treatment – Chlorine/chloramines aggravate and increase hair loss
21. Great for people with respiratory problems such as asthma
22. No irritant scent
23. Compliments a healthy lifestyle
24. A perfect way to finish your workout– why reintroduce toxic chemicals?
25. 144 Soft mist sprays and 8 massage jets
26. Increased water pressure
27. Eco friendly
28. Super easy to install– No plumber required
29. Ingenious and Unique see through handle enables you to see the filter working and you can see when it is time to replace it – No guessing
30. The SONAKI Lotus hand held shower is superior to wall mounted fixed arms for their flexibility, personal hygiene and for cleaning your shower cubicle
31. A 30 day money back guarantee
32. 3 year warranty and loyalty rewards incentive
33. 20 year reputation of excellence

What our Customers Have To Say..


When using this product I feel like I’ve just put moisturiser on my skin as soon as I step out of the shower. My skin feels so much smoother and I can really see and feel the difference!

– Richard B



Richard B

The ORIGINAL Sonaki. Made for Australian conditions, Australian government approved. Risk free and covered by a three year warranty. We have gone through all the legal procedures to obtain the Watermark licence and WELS rating specifically for Australian conditions. Unless you purchase a Sonaki Australia™ product directly from this website, you are not covered by our money back guarantee or warranty or loyalty reward program. In order to make a difference in your decision we also promote EXCLUSIVELY in Australia, the Luxury Lotus Eco-friendly shower head that is most popular worldwide. (ONLY AVAILABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE). Please note that SONAKI LOTUS, RAIN and WAFFLE are registered products in Australia through SAI GLOBAL and WATER EFFICIENCY LABELLING SCHEME (WELS) by SONAKI VITAMIN SHOWER AUSTRALIA™. You can be assured that all our products have the water mark certificate and labelling according the requirements of the WELS Standard AS/NZS 6400:2005 as per accordance with Australian Law. ABN: 74 250 191 175

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