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“I purchased the Sonaki Lotus Vitamin C showerhead after doing a lot of research.  We have been battling eczema on our 9 month old son for 4 months with no improvement.  We never used harsh chemicals & have a very clean diet.  Changing the showerhead was last resort but I really wish we did this first.  Within a week the eczema had cleared and it also improved my dry, flaky skin and made my curly fine hair moistusized and shiny… I highly recommend this showerhead to remove the chlorine & chloramines that cause so much damage to our health and bodies. ”  – Keanna, NSW


Why use a shower filter? 

Filtering shower water is still a new concept for many of us.  However, as we become increasingly aware of the harmful effects of showering in chemical treated water, more and more Australians are beginning to appreciate this innovative idea and the benefits of Vitamin C filtered showers for our skin and hair.

All Australian water is treated with chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines.   

It is a well researched fact that these harmful chemical residues in your ordinary shower water damage your skin and hair. 

 The chemical like chlorine or chloramines in your daily shower water can trigger or even cause allergic reactions on the skin such as rashes and eczema.   

The Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, states that eczema skin sufferers have less water retaining properties, and moisture is easily lost from the skin, causing it to dry out easily.  Constant exposure to these chemicals daily also damages the protective barrier function of the skin. This dry skin makes more susceptible to allergen and irritants.  This irritants can trigger our body to release certain chemicals as our body’s natural immune response.  But these chemicals can cause skin itchy.  As more chemicals are released the skin feels even itchier. This ‘scratch and itch’ cycle can be distressing and can cause skin infections.

Therefore,  it is crucially important to set up a good skin care routine, with daily treatment like moisturising and bathing, is essential for successfully managing your eczema and dry/itchy skins. Prevention of dry skin is much better than treatment.

Removing such chemicals from your daily shower water by using a SONAKI Vitamin C filtered shower is a simple, yet, essential daily solution in improving skin conditions.  Our chemical free shower can help to prevent the painful flare-ups and enhances the effectiveness of any topical treatments if you need them.  


Even those with you don’t have to have skin problems to enjoy the benefits of our shower system.  It is for everyone, even a fish will live in the water filtered by the SONAKI Vitamin C Shower.

“It’s been really fantastic since I installed our new shower.  I have been screaming every night after my usual shower from itchiness.  But since changing over to the SONAKI I am seriously not scratching my body anymore.  Even my skeptical husband is enjoying his own new skin.  Thank you very much” – Suzu, VIC



Chlorine and your skin

Experts say even small amounts of chlorine in your daily shower can be harmful, similar to the effects of long term exposure to the sun.

When showering the steam and heat opens your pores, giving your skin a sponge like effect, accelerating the absorption of these chemicals

Chlorine dries out your skin significantly and strips the skin of its natural oils – Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids

Chlorine also causes your skin to crack resulting in fine lines and wrinkles something we all want to avoid.

So let us help you eliminate it altogether, giving you an advantage from the very first shower.                          


Chlorine and Hair loss

Remove chemicals from your everyday shower water and keep your hair !

It is a proven fact that chlorine and chloramines cause damage to your hair and scalp. Chlorine residues oxidise the protein sebum, which is a natural lubricant that protects the hair shafts. This can dry out your scalp, weaken hair, create split ends and banish glossy shine- resulting in dull, dry, lustreless looking hair, cause dandruff, and even hair loss.

If you already suffer from hair loss chlorine and chloramines will aggravate the conditions and increase hair loss.

The SONAKI Vitamin C filtered shower removes these harmful chemicals from your shower water effectively, by up to 99.9%, protecting your hair and scalp from the damaging effects of these chemicals and enhances the effectiveness of any treatment you are on.  

Not only that, Vitamin C is clinically proven to be beneficial to the health of your scalp and hair.

Make SONAKI Vitamin C filtered shower as a part of your daily ritual for better skin and hair for effortless health and beauty!

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